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frivGot Bad Experience in Ascalon Catacombs? Let's See What People Say

Subject: My Experience in Ascalon CatacombsComments: I tried to buy instances as soon as possible with my buddies. Not many people had done Ascalon Catacombs as soon as my girlfriends and I had gotten to level 30 as far as I know. We had been told by the way the game was advertised how the holy trinity of tank, healer, and dps was no more. That you could perform in the same way effectively with no holy trinity. That’s the information which was circulating around. We get into Ascalon Catacombs effortlessly dps specs. We get crushed OVER and OVER and OVER again. I find someone that HAD in fact cleared Ascalon Catacombs, and the man told me that you had to have no less than one tank and one healer. We eventually tried it that way, and BOOM, we cleared it. So apparantly, the holy trinity remains. I feel misled.Thoughts?Reply A:I think I can help you no less than in story mode. First of all NOBODY should go there without endurance/ vitality/ healing power (or a minimum of which has a strong 2 of these). Either the gear should be towards that or even the traits, however the balance between survival and damge continues to be unknown in my experience. Second, remove condition skills can be be extremely helpful, because you can get killed by that.And now I will speculate: I believe the key reason why those rangers before the rangers boss are very tough is really because the game has not been designed to own all of which hit exactly the same person at the identical time. Considering nobody is just too squishy, I believe 2 people helps keep 2 rangers (maybe greater tanky people) occupied as the other 3 kill one of which.Hope this can help. I ran it 2 times and the first it was as frustrating as you say, the next was pretty fun.Edit: all of the bosses there except the twins are pretty much kitable (heck, it is supposed being easy mode) and you’ll stay away from the melle damage/ spread it throughout the group pretty easily. So I will assume you are not having too much trouble with them. I don’t need a very optimal group for story mode also, the excess endurance / vitality constitutes a massive difference. If nobody is just too squishy it should not be too traumatic.(cheap gw2 gold)And buy kit cheap from your AH, I just got a new whole set for just a few silver.Reply B:Thoughts are that men and women are still to make use of to face still and nuke as “DPS”, that can be done just fine without any “healer” (that the “healing specs” are basically a joke in comparison with just how much a single normal mob hits someone) with no “tank”… never stand still, use dodge for that big attacks and don’t waist it on issues you can straif beyond, and kite… it’s just not just a few you can not do it with 5 “DPS” its much more of dependent on you can’t do it with 5 “DPS” with behaviors from being use to being able to stand pretty still rather than pay to much attention due to being use to getting a tank keep threat in other MMOs and they also are use just to needing to move “from the fire”.Still a relatively new game, people are nevertheless playing with bad habits, and well, behaviors just about sums it down. I see players all the time just standing there not moving in any way on view world getting crushed in 1-2 hits by way of a ettin or troll that are both a breeze to adopt no damage on by simply staying moving, during one of the group DEs of kill a Ettin I saw most in the people who may have bad habits of standing still while doing DPS die a minimum of ten times throughout the event whilst the people moving and dodging never take just one point of damage… after a while players will probably be better and beyond undesirable habits then more varieties of groups will probably be just as playable since its simpler to behave if there’s not 20-40% of one’s group getting facerolled for Friv.Com bad habits of waiting in one place and eating damage.

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