Defective Medical Devices Lurk in Waiting


Across America, hundreds of people were having hernia surgery and being implanted with a hernia patch. Sounds fairly straightforward, but apparently something went terribly wrong with the Kugel mesh hernia patches. They had a nasty habit of rolling up and wrinkling after being inserted.

The problems with the Kugel mesh hernia patches didn’t start to come to light until 2001 when reports of its failure after implantation started appearing. Some of those noted side effects included bowel obstructions, because the memory coil ring broke, and fistula development. There were other complications as well, such as the patches were folded, shriveled, buckled and curled. Obviously this was not the optimal result hoped for after hernia surgery.

The patch was recalled in 2005 and physicians were asked not to use certain lots. However this time the reason was due to the high risk that part of the plastic component of the patch could break off and cut the patient’s organs or tissues with the potential for a fatal outcome. Many people and their defective drug lawyers wondered why the product hadn’t been recalled prior to 2005. The answer was the company felt they didn’t get that many complaints.

The whole mess escalated into a subsequent Class 1 Food and Drug Administration recall, which is considered to be very serious. These particular patches are used in over 700,000 hernia repair surgeries every year, so if you have any concerns about the hernia repair surgery you may have experienced, or have suffered any serious side effects, make it a point to contact a highly qualified defective medical devices attorney.

Many people don’t realize this kind of a situation may be classified as medical malpractice, particularly if a surgeon used a hernia patch that was in a lot that was recalled. Take your potential case to an experienced lawyer and have it assessed. You may wish to file a defective medical device lawsuit, but you need to consult with your attorney first. Be sure you have your medical records and the lot number of the Kugel hernia patch used and ask about your legal rights.

17 Kasım 2018 | Genel

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