Design Details In The Smallest Of Rooms – Robust Toilet Cubicles For Business And Schools


The smallest room in the building is often the least attractive. When it comes to schools, offices and other public buildings, toilets and toilet cubicles are often deeply unattractive. Traditionally function has taken over when it comes to washrooms and toilets; however, there are distinct advantages to having attractive toilets and washrooms in any building. It is rare today to see the lack of design applied to the washroom and toilets in domestic properties. Similarly, in the hospitality trade a certain amount of attention is paid to the look of the toilets – which should be as well designed as any other part of the premises if you want customers to keep coming back.

User friendliness

School customers don’t, it has to be said, have a lot of choice about coming back. But this is no reason to skimp on design features in any part of a building. More emphasis than ever before is being put on the user friendliness of all aspects of a school. There is a growing recognition of the fact that children are actually human beings – a surprise to some, but true nonetheless. Modern schools and educationalist understand that environment has a large effect on the development of children and creating schools today is not about mimicking a prison style environment, but creating a professional and attractive place to study. Today the emphasis is on a professional environment, reflecting business premises where many school students will spend much of their working lives.

Designing anti-vandalism

Vandalism in schools is a costly problem so investing in well designed school toilet cubicles may seem a waste of money – toilet cubicles can be one area that vandalism is rife. However, older less attractive buildings are particularly vulnerable to vandalism. A neglected, ugly building is something of a canvas of choice amongst vandals. Modern, well designed buildings will gain respect from their users – and this includes school children.

Environment and respect

Ensuring that toilets and toilet cubicles are robust, made of quality materials and are also well designed can actually have a positive effect on vandalism. Treating anybody – kids included – with respect usually pays off, as respect is returned. Environment can play a surprising role in this, well designed and built buildings created with their users in mind, suggest that consideration to their needs is being made. This can have a subtle effect on adults as well as kids. Creating an attractive environment to study in speaks of respect for its users and can have a very positive impact on their behaviour. While the school toilets and their fixtures and fittings may seem an unnecessary focus for design features, they should not be discounted. Environmental factors can play a significant role in any building and its use – or lack of. Creating a good, attractive environment can make schools an enjoyable, pleasurable place to spend time. Teachers will also benefit from better working conditions – something that should not be overlooked either!

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9 Kasım 2018 | Genel

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