Successful Birth Control and Pills


A number of different practices have been followed since then and each of them has been successful up to a point and one best method is to use pills which don’t have any estrogens.

A number of ayurvedic treatments used to be followed years ago and they are being continued until now. But these practices were rare and there were done for just symbolic acts only. These controls were never followed on a large scale and they were assigned to particular sections of the societies only. Birth control on a commercial scale started in the late 60s only and before that it was non existent as the pills with no estrogens were not available previously. At that it came in the form of pills saying that you could avoid the unwanted pregnancies with this.

These pills were intended to be taken orally and they were designed to be completely safe considering the circumstances at that time. It was first issued in the United States of America and it has seen tremendous growth since then. This first pill was made with the help of the progestin and the estrogen. Both were considered safe for the health at that time and the practice continued for a long time. These pills were very effective and their effectiveness percentage was around 99%.

This made a revolution at that time and a number of couples used it to avoid the untimely birth and pregnancies. Soon the time of these pills got over and a number of new pills were made after that. These pills were not as strong as the previous pills but they were lighter and their frequency of consumption was higher than the earlier pills. Hence the net effect remained the same but the pills became easier to digest. There were three types of pills that came by and one of them is:

POP – this pill is also called ‘mini pill’ and this contains no estrogen. This pill was made especially for those women who were breastfeeding because it reduces the production of the milk in the body.

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17 Kasım 2018 | Genel

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