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Together with the world of Autonomous vehicles an already rapidly progressing field, two firms, Ford Motor Company, and Baidu, leading Chinese search engine company have joined together to start testing self driving automobiles in Beijing.

Ford and Baidu to start Joint Project

On Wednesday, Ford Motor Company and Chinese firm Baidu, commonly touted as”the Google of China” declared a two-year strategy to further development of autonomous vehicles. The two companies plan on matching Ford’s experience in vehicles, together with Baidu’s extensive study into the world of AI, to produce cars that would be able to navigate without a driver. With each of those firms already making advanced in driverless vehicle technology on their own, it simply makes sense for both industry titans to join forces. This new partnership comes after a previous statement that the two companies were collaborating in June, and since the sales of Ford cars in China sink radically. “This project marks a new milestone in the partnership between Ford and Baidu, and supports Ford’s vision to design smart vehicles that transform how we get round.” Stated Sherif Marakby, the CEO of Ford.

Level 4 Tech by the end of 2 Years

From the end of these evaluations, They claim that the vehicles will reach a level 4 technologies in autonomous vehicle criteria; Level 4 being the 2nd greatest, just topped by level 5, which entails cars which can operate without any input by a driver.

Sci-Fi becomes Fact

With driverless cars Becoming more and more of a reality by the day, and new companies jumping into The field and improving it continuously; a future where automobiles operated by People is something of the past seems to be a not so distant future after all. Further Information take a look at the site here.

7 Kasım 2018 | Genel

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