What Is a Premises Liability Lawsuit?


While sounding full of legal mumbo jumbo, a premises liability lawsuit is pretty clear cut. Legally speaking, it means that you were lawfully on someone else’s property, and were somehow injured. You were in no way at fault, and you can establish that the property owner was the one who through negligence or intention caused you harm. If, for instance, you tripped and fell on a broken step or uneven concrete, you may have a personal injury lawsuit. Deciding who is at fault however, may not be as easy as you initially may think.

Perhaps you were shopping at the mall and tripped on a torn piece of carpet in a big department store. This caused you to trip and fall, and you landed hard on your arm, breaking it and also a finger. Who is the responsible party, the store or the mall owner? Perhaps they both share some liability. This is an instance of why you should contact a premises liability attorney who can help to determine if you have a possible slip and fall lawsuit.

The business owner or property owner may be individually or jointly liable for your injuries, but they may argue that point. Their insurance companies will each try to assign blame to the other one, and you may be caught in the middle, with no settlement in sight. Who is going to pay for your slip trip and fall injuries? You?

Many situations can arise which may result in a premises liability injury. If a property owner or an occupant of a business does not properly maintain public property, the legal claim would involve negligence in failing to fix a known dangerous condition on the property. The law allows that they should know or in fact that they did know that a potentially dangerous condition existed.

A premises liability lawsuit falls under personal injury law. Many types of accidents on another’s property may end up in a personal injury settlement. From a slip and fall, or slip trip and fall to an object falling and causing harm, many different scenarios may constitute personal injury accidents.

Other situations may result in a premises liability lawsuit. Things such as: having poorly lit stairway in an apartment building, or a dog bite attack, or a lack of proper security measures. Other common mishaps involve broken sidewalks, road defects, debris falling, and a wet, slippery floor. Any of these and more can be the basis of a personal injury accident. If this is the situation in your case, you will need the services of a personal injury settlement attorney who specializes in premises liability law.

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15 Kasım 2018 | Genel

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