What is a Wrongful Death Attorney?


Wrongful death is defined as the death of a person as a direct result of the actions or negligence of another person or company. The person or persons seeking claims are the spouses, siblings, parents or other members of the decedent’s family usually because of the loss of a significant amount of money because of the death. Wrongful death attorneys can help sort out the legal questions and concerns involving the claims against corporations or companies and individuals.

When one has experienced the loss of a loved one due to negligence by someone else, there are some common factors involved with this type of claim, such as the loss of income, the grief of the surviving family members, mental anguish, medical bills and the list goes on. If the deceased was the breadwinner of the family, with the passing of that loved ones can leave devastating ramifications for the surviving family members.

There are several ways a wrongful death can occur, however the most common and maybe the most surprising is by medical malpractice. Thousands of people die each year due to medical malpractice, but most of them are never filed or goes unnoticed. Among the other causes of wrongful death claims are automobile accidents, negligence, workplace accident, defective products or fire.

For this type of law suit you will need an attorney who is experienced in these types of law suits. A wrongful death attorney will examine your case and determine if the person or persons you are making your claim against is actually at fault. The attorney’s job is to get you the compensation for the medical bills and the lost wages due to the death of your loved one. The payment of the attorney’s fees is percentage of the money you will win in your law suit. The money in no way makes up for the loss of a loved one, but it will help relieve you of the medical bills, which may have amassed due to their specific circumstances.

If you live in California and feel a family member’s death may have been the cause of someone else, contact a California accident attorney to help you sort out the legal jargon and your legal rights.

17 Kasım 2018 | Genel

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